Your Worthiness Cycle
Your Worthiness Cycle

A Breakthrough Method to
Unleash Your Power to Manifest
The Life You’ve Always Wanted


Here’s the good news…

“There are no unworthy people!”


There are only people who’s lives are being
impacted every day, because of a lack of
information, awareness, and skills relating to
their personal ‘internal’ Worthiness Setpoint. 


‘That includes you, me and everyone else we know!’ 

No one is ever unworthy or even ‘feels’ unworthy… but until we elevate our ‘Worthiness Quotient’ we are shackled with the level of Happiness, Success and Fulfillment that we have now. No matter where you are or at what level you’ve attained there is always more available with more ease and flow than you’ve ever had before. ‘How good can you stand it?’

Worthiness is our ability to create, attract, allow and receive without falling back into struggle. As our Worthiness Quotient’ rises we experience greater and greater levels of of what we want and less of what we don’t want.

In his latest book ‘Your Worthiness Cycle’ life enrichment author Allan Hunkin provides a fresh insight into questions like:

    • Why do I seem to be on a roller coaster with too many ups and downs?
    • Why do I seem to often take three steps forward and two back?
    • Why do I continually attract people, jobs and situation into my life that seem to keep my desires just beyond my reach?

In this ground breaking new book Hunkin provides a whole new way of understanding ‘Worthiness.’ You will learn new principles and techniques for identifying abundance robbing ideas hidden in the subconscious mind that holds you back. In ‘Your Worthiness Cycle you’ll find a fresh path to the success, happiness and fulfillment that is yours for the having if you know where to look.


About Allan Hunkin

Allan K. Hunkin

Allan is a speaker, writer and broadcaster in the area of Life Enrichment. He has over thirty years of experience in self help and personal growth and, holds train the trainer status, in five different personal empowerment models.

Allan has been an online broadcaster since 1997 having conducted over 750 interviews with authors and thought leaders in the areas of personal and social transformation. 

Currently Allan works with individuals and couples who are having trouble ‘keeping it all together’, ‘staying together’ and ‘being together.’ He also delivers seminars, workshops and keynotes related to his books and writings to groups and organizations large and small.

He is the author of two three books “Finding Better Solutions Faster” and “Your Worthiness Cycle” and “Where Do I Go From Here?”

 Allan, born on a farm in rural Manitoba now lives in Vancouver Canada and travels throughout North America.


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